Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Live for Walks

The Last of the Evening Light

In the Woods

Walking Shoes

Tuesday’s Walk (1/25/11)

The fading evening light, the brisk winter air, the bouncy step of sneakers on my feet: this was Tuesday night’s walk.  I decided to take it easy and rather than going for a run, I went for an easy walk around the neighborhood and through the dog park.  It was nice to just change into sneakers, grab my camera, and GO.  No head-to-toe clothing changes, no watch, no heavy breathing.  Just me and the night, and the way I felt like a changed person when I crossed over my threshold again.

I can’t wait to go for more walks after the half-marathon is done.


  1. I am on a blog commenting SPREE right now, so I am hitting both of yours. LOVE the first sunset pic.

    When is your half, by the way?

  2. Me too! Taking pictures in the dim evenings is a new thing for me, but sometimes the results are very cool.

    The half is on March 6. I'm getting excited about it!