Monday, January 17, 2011

Like It Was Spring

Evidence of Sun

Bike with Red Dudes

Leg and Bike

Monday’s Bike Commute (1/17/11)

I have nothing against Dr. King or his national holiday, but it’s true that when I realized today was Martin Luther King Day, the first thing I said was, “Crap!”  Because it meant that today is a university holiday and the busses are on vacation.  Which meant that in order to get to work, I’d either be walking or biking.  I prefer to do neither on the day after a long and hard run, but biking for 50 minutes sounded better than walking for two hours, so the bike it was!

Despite my hesitancy about the bike, it turned out to be a great day to be on two wheels.  The morning was dry and calm, with no wind and just a hint of chill.  By early evening, the sun had returned to Texas, which made me feel like the luckiest person alive.  The air was almost warm and it smelled like spring, that scent of grass and earth and for lack of a better word, warmth.  The undergrads are all flooding back into town for their spring semester, so the streets had a sort of chaotic energy to them, which was fun in its way.  As I was riding my bike down the street, some dudes in a giant truck honked at me very deliberately, staring to see my reaction.  I had my normal squinty expression, the one I wear when I’m confused, and I just looked back at them.  I’m not sure if the honk was because I was riding a bike in a skirt, or because I looked like a girl, or what.  Little do they know how ancient I am compared to all their perky classmates!  Even if I do look good in a skirt at my advanced age.

My bike commute was so nice today that I’m thinking about doing it again tomorrow, but is that too much exercise in the wake of a long run?  I think I’ll try to take the bus to campus and if the weather is nice, I’ll go for a stroll after work.

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