Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Over the Puddles and through the Rain



Ready to Run

Sunday’s Long Run (1/09/11)

Sunday was a cold, grey, wet day.  I had planned to do my 70-minute run in the morning but instead I tooled around on the internet until after noon then realized with a slight shock that it was 1 PM.  I made a quick snack of raisin toast topped with peanut butter, then I hit the pavement and started the clock.

My run turned out to be pretty good, even with the drizzly weather!  I started slowly, which I’ve been doing with these long runs, as I’m finding that a slow start helps me to keep a more even pace later in the run.  I stopped three times, but only one of those times was a “real” break—in other words, a break I needed.  I took a three-minute walk break at (I believe) the 50-minute mark.  The other two breaks were for road crossing, so they don’t count as much.  I felt pretty strong during the run, which is great, and there was some fatigue in the latter half of the run, which is to be expected. 

The best part of the run, though, was the long, hot shower afterward.  I think maybe that’s why I run.  Wait, have I said that before?  Maybe…and it’s still true!

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