Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, with Bike and Pink Hat

Bike on Bridge

Terrible Awesome Saturday Outfit


Saturday’s Bike Commute (1/08/11)

Don’t let that bit about a bike commute up there fool you.  I was very lazy on Saturday, and it was perfect.  I spent many wonderful hours reading old blog posts from one of my favorite bloggers (ooh, I see she has a new post up now!) and hopping around the internet.  I think I needed the social solitude of my computer; it was a long week, and it was nice not to be doing anything productive.  Though I would argue in my own defense that getting excited about my upcoming half-marathon is very productive.  Reading about other people’s races is a great way to get yourself motivated!

I rode the bike to work in the late morning to take care of an experiment.  (My flies pay no heed to weekends, and I am but their keeper who must take care of their needs.)  Later in the day, I biked over to the hippie food store for some Organic Valley dairy and other goodies, then I made one final stop at Albertson’s to pick up lasagna noodles and other lasagna ingredients.  Dinner?  Of course, it was lasagna!  It was a good one too, with kale and lots of red pepper flakes for a spicy, delicious dinner.  It was a nice day to be out and about on the bike, cool but sunny, and I got to wear my awesome pink hat, which I haven’t been wearing because it hasn’t been cold enough to warrant a hat.  When I lived in Chicago, I wore this hat constantly in the winter, and it kept me marvelously warm on top.  In Texas, I seem to overheat quickly in the winter, so in order to wear the hat, I need to wear less on my body.  Maybe I’ll work on wearing more t-shirt and sweater layers so I can wear my hat this winter.

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