Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Industrious Type

Bike with Tree and Sunshine

Me with Tree and Sunshine

New Sweater Tights

Wednesday’s Bike Commute (1/19/11)

It was a gorgeous day here in the Brazos Valley!  I thought it was going to be quite chilly, but by the time I had biked to work, I was a little sweaty underneath all those layers.  This problem seems to happen quite often: I dress for a chilly bike ride, and I start to overheat before I’ve arrived at my destination.  Next time, I should at least take off my hat to cool off.

Today I finished my tasks at work early, even though I wasn’t feeling well (nothing serious, don’t worry!).  Once I was done, I decided to leave rather than find something else to do.  When I arrived home, there were so many things I could have done—cleaned the bathrooms, ironed some clothes, tackled my growing pile of recyclables—so being the industrious type, I laid down on the couch with my new cookbook and read about fruitcake.  Then I got sleepy, took off my sweater, and took a nap.  It was delicious, and even though it will probably throw off my delicate sleep schedule, it was worth it.

Evidence of Nap


  1. Oh, I love naps. Had a GLORIOUS one today.

  2. Nice! It was a good day for napping :-)