Saturday, January 8, 2011

One More Time

More Fun with Fashion

Hello Again


Materials and Methods

Cowl neck top: Gap, bought recently on sale at a very nice price

Black pants: JC Penney’s, gift but picked out by me (ancient!)

Black boots: Kohl’s (also ancient)

Sparkly silver belt: One of those hip stores in the mall, like The Buckle.  I forget which one.

Silver earrings: Family Dollar, my very first pair of danglies ever.  I had great taste at age nine.

Ludicrous amounts of sunshine: Gift from Texas

These photos confirm what I have long suspected: I have no waist.  I could feel there was something missing from my life, but I thought perhaps the missing item was a boyfriend or a car.  Nope, it’s a waist.  I have but the slightest hint of an hourglass figure—I’m all short limbs and muscle.  But at least I have some curves!  In fact, the man who charmed his way into boyfriend (man-friend?) status in my life could not be more vocal about his infatuation with my curves.  Which is, of course, a very nice thing.  He is a very nice man in all sorts of ways.

Despite my waistlessness, I am very happy with my body.  We have a deal: I treat it right, and it keeps up with me.  I couldn’t ask for much more, and really, in today’s culture, for a woman to be happy with her body is a minor miracle.  I count myself among the blessed.

Kind readers, thanks for indulging me one more fashion post.  I consider this a little photography project, and there may be more of these posts in the future.  It’s just for fun, and indeed, I am having a lot of fun with them.

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