Sunday, January 2, 2011

Registered and Ready to Run


Friday’s Bike Commute, Halved, and Nighttime Yoga (12/31/10)

The need is done, folks: I am now registered for the 5th Annual 2011 Armadillo Dash.  My fate is sealed.

* * *

From the Back

Blue Skirt Brown Shoes Purple Bike

I’ve been riding my bike to work all week because there is no bus service until Monday.  I’ve pedaled my way toward 20-something miles of biking, and my legs are feeling the effort.  On Friday, my friend Amutha called me in the early afternoon, and we quickly made plans to go walking.  She picked me up from work and threw my bike in the back of her truck, so my bike commute that day was a halvsie.  We strolled around Bee Creek and Lemon Tree Parks, catching up on the news, then we went to It’s a Grind for coffee and bagels, which we enjoyed outside in the mild Texas air.  Later that evening, I did a round of Hatha Yoga for the first time in what felt like forever.  It was amazing.  Right now it seems like I’m so busy riding a bike and running that yoga, Pilates, and other lovely things have fallen to the sideline.  My work-outs might not change much before the half marathon is completed, but I will be looking forward to some slower and more gentle ways to exercise once the race is done.

But until then: bring on the long runs!

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