Monday, January 3, 2011


From the Front


Weekend Bike Commutes (1/01-1/02/2011!)

I’m working hard tonight by multitasking at my desk.  My body is hydrating itself and stuffing glycogen into my muscles to fuel me through my 70-minute run, and my brain is cranking out a quick blog post just to say that in a totally predictable move, I rode my bike to work on Saturday and Sunday.  Yes!  I was working on New Year’s Day!  But just for a little while and so that I’d have something more interesting to do once the new week started.  For a scientist, there’s often nothing worse than being caught between interesting experiments.  It feels like purgatory.

I wish I could say that my weekend contained pancakes, but this sign is about as close as I got.  I do love the sign!  Too bad there’s no pancake restaurant to go with it any more—it’s been gone since before I arrived in this little town, so who knows when that sign last beckoned us to eat hot, fluffy, maple syrup-soaked pancakes?  It’s a good thing I finally learned how to make pancakes at home or else I might be in trouble.

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